Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I left my heart in Boston...

I've been a bit quiet the last few weeks taking a much needed break to get things in order. The personal challenges of the last 18 months have continued... I returned to running at a time when everything around me seemed to be falling apart and running is what has kept me sane and out of trouble for the most part :) however the last 4 weeks were once again filled with personal challenges and disappointments and I lost a bit of my drive to run. Deciding to go to Boston to cheer on Peter & Kelley at the marathon was one of the best impulse decisions I've made.

Not only did I get to experience a bit more of New England, I got to catch up with Amy S., got to extend my TNT family to include members of the New England TEAM, and had a blast cheering for Tyler, Peter, and Kelley!

The entire Boston Marathon experience is unbelievable! From the Expo, to the course, to the fans it is a memorable time. I had considered running as a bandit because I thought I'd be sad to not run the course with Kelley like we had planned a while back ... but I realized that after my disappointment 4 weeks ago here in LA I did not have a 26.2 in me. I happily chose to wait for Peter & Kelley at the start of Heart Break Hill and have no regrets! Running and walking with them carrying my signs and hearing the crowds cheer them on was surreal. I'm tearing up as I'm writing this because it was so amazing. I am SO filled with PRIDE and have been inspired by them to continue my goal of running the Boston Marathon someday in the near future.

I guess this time in Boston was just what I needed to be inspired to run well again. Look out San Diego here I come!

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