Monday, January 31, 2011

Shadow Yoga

Tonight I returned to my yoga practice. Today as the Shadow yoga class began at InYoga Center, I experienced something similar to when I return to running after periods of non-triaining ... I asked myself why did I stop practicing Yoga?! Not only has yoga been a source of peace but it is also a great compliment to my running. As someone who is extremely tight in the hips and calves (and highly prone to plantar fasciitis), yoga helps me ensure I get a deep stretch in all my tight spots at least once a week (when I maintain a regular and consistent practice). I am new to the practice of Shadow Yoga but I can appreciate the benefits the class description states it helps to release our "shadows" where we are blocked or stuck in emotional, energetic or behavioral patterns. Given the stress of the past 3 years and the angst that presently resides in me I am confident I selected the right class to restart my practice. We were told after class that another bonus of the class is a great night's sleep... now that is something I am looking forward to since I've been battling a nasty case of insomnia for some weeks now :( Can't say I enjoyed the the class because there were some difficult feelings that I worked through but I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked on those "shadows." I did enjoy catching catching up with friends before and after class. Looking forward for the next chance to release more negative energy and eventually one day be able to sit somewhat comfortably in the half lotus. *namaste*

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  1. I definitely slept well last night. Must have been from the class! SO nice to see you!