Sunday, January 24, 2010

TNT Weekend all around. Go TEAM!

There really are so many reasons why I continue to train for marathons... this weekend was the perfect example of some of those reasons. On Friday night, we celebrated Rachelle's (one of my mentees/running partners) birthday, last night I played in a Beer Pong tournament to help support Hilda's (one of the Spring Team participants) fundraising goal, this morning I ran 3 miles with the fabulous Sue Baker and went to More than Waffles to celebrate Peter's birthday, and in a little while I'm off to Sunday Funday to meet up with more teammates/friend's.

Yes, it sounds like a lot of socializing/partying but it's all for the Cause and since I am the Mission/Social Captain and a Mentor for the Summer 2010 season it's part of my "job" =).

I am so grateful for all the amazing wonderful people who make up my running family! TNT/RACERS <3 you all lots!

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