Monday, March 1, 2010

Goodbye February... Hello March

"The distance race is a struggle that results in self-discovery. It is an adventure involving the limits of the self." Paul Weiss

February ended on a bittersweet note. Although, my professional life took a hit, I can't complain about my social life or training. I'm now a bit superstitious in my training/racing so considering the disappointing racing and training I've experienced in the past few weeks my 4th marathon will be a success!

I'm just elated that our Summer TEAM is maintaining high energy despite the ugly weather we've been experiencing. We had great turnouts at both midweek practice and on Saturday and even managed to have a lovely potluck before the torrential downpour resumed. Lauren's Menchie's fundraiser was a huge hit, Bucket's faux bday/Happy Hour was a success, and those of us who were able to attend Sunday Funday at Blue Dog Beer Tavern had a great time!

I am also completely blown away by how quickly, I was able to put together my next fundraiser! With the help of a few friends, my participants and I will be hosting Laugh for a Cure at The Comedy Store on March 28th. Really looking forward to this as a great way to raise money and celebrate finishing the 25th LA Marathon.

I knew there was a reason I <3 Dr. Drew! He's a runner, too :) His quote below, could not be any further from the truth... running is cathartic, meditative, and rewarding.

"I do recommend running as a cure-all. It's the magic ingredient and an important physical release. It has helped me look and feel better." Dr. Drew Pinsky, Addiction Specialist and TV Host

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