Monday, March 15, 2010

Marathon Madness

Very excited about daylight savings because it means I'll be able to run outside longer and more often although I need to scale back this week since my next full marathon is 6 days away! It seems like LAM snuck up on us. There is so much buzz and excitement over the new Stadium to the Sea course and the race has sold out at 25,000 participants! The weather is finally warming up so next Sunday will be a glorious day for all! I have received my cheetah skirt so my race day outfit is ready to go :) I ran 7 miles on Saturday with my amazing teammates and walked with Sue Baker at Porter Ranch yesterday... we were nearly blown away! By accident, we took the scenic route and did more the 5 miles... oops. Oh well, we'll be ready for whatever hills come at us next Sunday. Excited for the Expo on Friday!!! I also just booked a flight to Boston next month. Very excited to see my good friend Amy and meet her fiance. Amy has run Boston a few times because she's super fast although she won't be running it this year. And more importantly, I will get to cheer on Kelley and Peter!!! Although, I'll be honest part of me is tempted to run the race with them as a bandit since that was the original plan. We'll see how I do next Sunday... That would be pretty crazy to complete 3 marathons in 4 months since I'm also training/fundraising for the San Diego Rock n Roll...

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